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Kaitlyn Vercellino is a University of Oklahoma alumni, as well as a Houston based painter and people extraordinaire. Kaitlyn's pieces are vignettes of pop culture through her eyes.

 She explores the relation of popular culture and its influence on our day to day life interactions. Focusing on portraits, easily recognizable objects, and bright colors, she aims to portray her  boldness and realness.​​​

​You can find Kaitlyn daily talking to any stranger she can, doing art, or loving.

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artist statement

Art is my only constant in the unpredictable craziness of this world. In my personal experience, creating art allows my mind to find a little resting spot to have a direct, stimulated visual experience- something that I have found to be second nature since I was a child. This sort of stimulation is vital due to the overwhelming effects that ADHD can have on a person. A meditative quality of painting big spaces with small brushes is my quiet. My work's inspirations are my day-to-day life and experiences, mostly rooted in popular culture. Growing up in a very quick-moving, technologically dependent world makes social media, music, and the news something I am always surrounded by. Like with ADHD and thoughts in my brain that are constantly shifting at an uncontrollable speed, popular culture and events are constantly changing at a similar pace. The idea that I am being calmed from my continually changing life by painting a continually changing culture is iconic in itself. I want my artwork to be iconic. I want to make bold, unforgettable work that speaks in exclamation points. ​ My process consists of writing down my thoughts and ideas on my day to day and popular culture. As a viewer of social media, it's easy to get caught up in the backlash, history, lies, and even traumatic drama of it all, and it eases my mind to write about my thoughts on these topics. From these written notes and doodles, I create big, bold art with a lot of color. My choices of color always seem to mimic my bright and over the top personality. And I do it all with tiny paintbrushes. I paint in this manner because it slows my mind down, and it provides me with a therapeutic response. I am making art for myself about popular culture as a form of therapy, just in an iconic way.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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